Title: EfH Membership

EfH Membership

Networking for Improved Workplace Health

"Enterprise for Health performs pioneer work and creates many valuable stimuli to encourage healthy corporate development."
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Rita Süssmuth
President of the European Network Enterprise for Health,
Former President of the German Bundestag

"The best practices and solutions developed and collated by the EfH network represent exemplary practice for the working world of tomorrow."
Liz Mohn
Vice President of the Executive Board,
Member of the Board of Trustees, Bertelsmann Stiftung

The significance of corporate health policies is growing from year to year.  A fundamental objective of the Enterprise for Health network (EfH) is to provide a forum for the encouragement and dissemination of research, learning and practical experiences between organisations in Europe and to publicise the success of enterprises which operate a workplace culture based on partnership.

Currently 23 renowned enterprises from 11 different European countries and various branches of industry are members of this network; these companies are represented by occupational health and safety specialists, human resources managers and in a few cases by production managers.

EfH – Because it´s worthwile

The work of EfH aims to save enterprises time and resources when they come to develop all-important company health policies – avoiding the repeated 'reinvention of the wheel'.  There is much we can learn from each other.  EfH offers its members access to the very latest examples of good practice and a host of ideas through networking and the exchange of experience. Supported by its advisers, leading international authorities in the fields of work & organisational psychology and occupational medicine, EfH is a forum for quality and innovation in the field of company health policies.

The work programme is laid down in the form of a topic agenda by the members. The network secretariat then organises the exchange of experience, including other experts and practitioners from other companies. To facilitate this exchange EfH organises an exclusive business meeting semi-annually.

EfH organises a major international management conference every two years. The conference is aimed at decision-makers, executives and experts from the fields of human resources and health and safety at work. At these events corporate strategies are identified and exchanged in an attempt to achieve the shared vision of "healthy enterprises in an economically and socially healthy Europe".

The EfH management conferences "Driving Business Excellence through Corporate Culture and Health" in 2005 and "Achieving Business Excellence - Health, Well-Being and Performance" in 2008 were a great success and the network relished the positive feedback.

The network ensures visibility of best practice and other success stories of enterprises which operate a workplace culture based on partnership and a modern company health policy by means of various PR activities and continuing media work.  Apart from the website www.enterprise-for-health.org the network publishes various reports and brochures, including contributions from member companies and leading academics in the field. (see EfH publications)

The EfH newsletter also provides you with information about current topics and events from the field of health policy and corporate culture several times a year.

EfH members benefit in every respect:

Thank you for your interest in EfH membership!


"We are a network of European companies which feel committed to both the development and dissemination of a corporate culture based on partnership and an exemplary company health policy. We work together to develop answers to the future challenges of the world of work and therefore make a contribution to sustained economic, ecological and social development."
(EfH Mission Statement)



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