Management Conference: October 2005 in Berlin

"Driving Business Excellence through Corporate Culture and Health"

In international competition companies can only achieve a leading position if they combine excellent technologies with excellent management. Increasing the company value alone does not offer a stable basis for long-term success.

On the road to business excellence every company must constantly gear its business processes to customer benefit and, at the same time, learn to improve or even renew these processes. This includes the behaviour of the executives, development and involvement of employees along the value added chain and, not least of all, the responsibility to the general public.

"Driving Business Excellence through Corporate Culture" was the subject of a European Management Conference which was organised by the Network Enterprise for Health on October 13 – 14 in Berlin.

The conference was a European platform for enterprises which combine health, employee participation and corporate culture with business excellence as integral elements of their company policies because they are convinced that long-term business success depends on the interests of all stakeholders being taken into account in a well-functioning community.

The conference was aimed at decision-makers and executives, and in particular human resources and production managers as well as experts from the fields of human resources and occupational safety and health.

The participants were invited representatives from the member organisations of the Enterprise for Health (EfH) network and other coordinating bodies, including the German network "Unternehmen für Gesundheit" (UfG) for enterprises committed to health and the English group of companies "Corporate Health and Performance" (CHAP).

With the participation of reputable captains of industry and decision-makers from European enterprises, corporate strategies were identified and shared with which the common vision, 'healthy enterprises in an economically and socially healthy Europe', can be achieved.

This is becoming necessary owing to far-reaching changes in industry, society and technology development which will affect in particular the general conditions on the labour markets .

The conference venue was "Unter den Linden 1", a historic location in the heart of Berlin, near the Brandenburg Gate. It houses the Berlin offices of  Bertelsmann AG.


The conference dealt with the key issues of the future; i.e. health at the workplace, employee participation and corporate culture.


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