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Prof. Dame Carol Black
National Director for Health and Work, United Kingdom

Working for a healthier tomorrow (PDF)



Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth
President of the European Network Enterprise for Health, Former President of the German Bundestag

Health, well-being and performance - Enterprise for Health (PDF ppt presentation) (PDF)

Prof. Dr. Juhani Ilmarinen
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Finland

The future of work and health (PDF)




Dinner Speech

Prof. Stewart D. Friedman
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Total leadership (PDF




Forum A:
Healthy ageing - a challenge for business and society

Facilitator / Input presenter:
Dr. Jürgen Pfister, Chairman of "Das Demographie Netzwerk" (ddn), Demographic Network, Germany;
Head of Corporate HR Management, Metro Group, Düsseldorf

Introduction (PDF

Case story presentations:

BASF SE, Germany
Dr. Christoph Oberlinner
Occupational Medicine & Health Protection

Health Promotion in the BASF Group (PDF)

METRO AG, Germany
Klaus Jakobi
Head of People Enablement & Labour Organisation

Healthy aging - How is METRO Group getting ready for demographic change? (zip_PDF)

Network presentations:

AARP (American Association of Retired Persons), Washington DC, USA
Timothy Wollerman
Manager of Workforce Ressources

Enaging Employers: AARP International Innovative Employer Awards (PDF)

ddn (Demographic Network), Germany
Dr. Jürgen Pfister
Chairman of "Das Demographie Netzwerk" / ddn

The demography network (ddn) (PDF)

The Employers Forum on Age (EFA), United Kingdom
Alan Beazley
Advice & Policy Specialist

Age discrimination in the UK (PDF)


Forum B:
Innovation and change: organising work to meet the challenges of a knowledge economy

Rik Bijl, Senior Consultant, TNO Management Consultants, The Netherlands

Input presenter:

Prof. Peter Totterdill
Joint Chief Executive, UKWON Ltd. (The UK Work Organisation Network), United Kingdom
Towards the High Road (PDF)

Case story presentations:

Arcelor Mittal, Luxembourg
Daniel Atlan
General Manager Human Resources Mining

Bertelsmann Stiftung, Germany
André Schleiter
Project Manager, Programme Future of Employment

Lifelong Learning at work - the employee perspective - (PDF)

Scania CV AB, Sweden
Dr. Carina Albiin Svensk
Global Medical Officer, Personnel Support
Gunnar Hedlund
Head of Method Development Occupational Health, Personnel Support

Scania Production System - The Foundation of Scania's Global Health Promotion Work (PDF)



Forum C: 
Mental health and leadership - practices and policies

Ava Fine, a2 Consulting, United Kingdom 

Input presenters:

Prof. Dr. Mansel Aylward
Director, Centre of Psychosocial and Disability Research, Cardiff University, United Kingdom
Mental Health and Leadership - Practices and Policies (PDF)

Prof. Dr. José Peiró Silla
Department of Social Psychology, University of Valencia, Spain
Mental Health and Leadership - Practices and Policies (PDF)

Case story presentations:

BT Group plc, United Kingdom
David Wallington
Group Safety Advisor

Implementing a Mental Health Strategy (PDF)

GlaxoSmithKline plc, United Kingdom
Dr. Ian Wright
Director, Planning, Effectiveness and Productivity, Employee Health Management

Leadership Health Coaching (PDF)

MTU Aero Engines GmbH, Germany
Dr. Rolf-Wilhelm Neuser
Head of Corporate Services, Health Management, FPG

Management's role in the conflict between individual health needs and competitive workplace demands (PDF)

The Sainsbury Centre of Mental Health, United Kingdom
Helen Lockett
Research and Development Manager, Employment Programme

Effective management of mental distress in the workplace (PDF)

Salzgitter AG, Germany
Dr. Christoph Kröger
Clinical Director of the Outpatient Clinic, Institute of Psychology, Technical University of Brunswick, Germany

Confronted with mental disorders - Integrated care for employees in an occupational health service (PDF)


Forum D:
Healthier lifestyles: maintaining employability and quality labour forces in a changing working life

Dr. Gregor Breucker, Department of Health, BKK Bundesverband, Germany

Input presenter:

Steve Bell
Strategic Director, Scottish Centre of Healthy Working Lives, United Kingdom

Introduction (PDF)

Case story presentations:

Magnox North Limited, United Kingdom
Greg Evans
Site Director/Site Executive

Organisational Wellbeing (PDF)

Deutsche Post World Net, Germany
Dr. Andreas Tautz
Chief Medical Officer, Corporate Health Management

Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases - Germany's Largest Health Screening at Work Place and What to do Next... (PDF)

MOL Group, Hungary
Dr. István Miniska
Occupational Health Medical Advisor, SD & HSE Organization

Beyond the required
OH and WHP management system in MOL Group

RWE Power AG, Germany
Dr. Christian Feldhaus
Vice President of Occupational Health, RWE Power AG/RWE AG

Health vs. work? Occupational health management at RWE (PDF)


Forum E:
Developing the business case for investing in corporate health and workplace partnership - indicators and instruments

John Griffiths, work2health ltd., United Kingdom

Input presenter:

Prof. Dr. Holger Pfaff
Institute and Policlinic of Occupational and Social Medicine, Department of Medical Sociology, University of Cologne, Germany

Developing the business case for investing in corporate health and workplace partnership - indicators and instruments / Input (PDF)

Case story presentations:

Bertelsmann AG, Germany
Gero Hesse
Senior Vice President Human Resources

The Bertelsmann Health Business Case (PDF)

BP, United Kingdom
Caroline Minshell
BP Regional OHA for the Eastern Hemisphere

What Part of 'NO' Don't You Understand? (PDF)

Corporate Health and Performance Group (CHAP), United Kingdom
Prof. Dr. Kevin Holland-Elliott
King's College Hospital, United Kingdom
Director/Consultant, Department of Occupational Health & Safety

The CHAP Study - Investigating the Health: Performance Interface (PDF)

Enterprise for Health Survey Project
Dr. Franz Netta
Vice President Human Resources, Central HR Services, Bertelsmann AG, Germany
Dr. Viola Weber
Department of Health, BKK Bundesverband, Germany

Tackling health in employee attitude surveys - an Enterprise for Health network project (PDF)

Ford-Werke GmbH, Germany
Dr. Erich Knülle
Senior Medical Officer, Medical Services Cologne

Disability Management by Ability Management
Employability - An enterpreneurial challenge -

Unilever Deutschland Services GmbH, Germany
Dr. Olaf Tscharnezki
Chief Occupational Physician

Presenteeism Survey - Business case and missing link (PDF, 3 MB)



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