Good Health is the Basic of a Success Future

DENSO gives top priority to safety and quality in all its plants around the world. It has established an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management System in most of its group companies. OHS goals involve all levels of the company and each section uses Kaizen activity to help achieve its targets. The company’s performance is also the subject of a regular sustainability report, which is validated by a stakeholder council.

At DENSO, we are creating values for the future. Our most important assets are our employees. DENSO companies want to become families instead of simple workplaces. In pursuing this philosophy, we build into our annual strategy, proposals to improve the health care of our employees year by year.

A key factor in DENSO's strategy of sustainablity is the working environment and employee satisfaction, which cannot be separated. If our employees are demotivated, even in a good working environment, it can lead to personal health problems. On the other hand, if we motivate our employees, but the working environment is inadequate, then this can also be a recipe for illness. Only satisfied people in a healthy environment can create real, long-term values.  

To achieve this we fully involve our employees, who are encouraged to give their opinions through area representatives or directly to responsible departments. We discuss suggestions at monthly committee meetings and assign improvement actions.

DENSO has a well-equipped medical room to help prevent illness and improve the health of our personnel, with an OH doctor and nurse providing a 24-hour service.Our employees participate in regular, job-specific examinations for health risks and undergo comprehensive medical checks every three years.

To harmonize family life and company-based health prevention we also encourage, enable and support our employees to take part in a range of healthy activities outside the workplace. We also promote team-building activities, which can lead to better-performing workplaces and a stronger sense of community.



"For us, sustainability means improving the links between social, economic and environmental values. In practice, this means that in parallel with the company’s economic growth and increased market share, we are a first-choice employer, our employees enjoy more benefits to help them stay fitter and happier and their working environment also changes for the better."

Yukimasa Ohoka, President, DENSO Manufacturing Hungary Ltd.




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