Eni S.p.A.

Strengthening the well-being and value of its employees

Health promotion is one of Eni's primary commitments, aimed at strengthening the well-being and value of its people.

The Eni Group is one of Italy’s largest companies and is among the world’s leading oil enterprises. The group’s principal activities are the exploration, extraction and production of oil and natural gas; supply, transport and distribution of natural gas; refinement and distribution of oil derivative products; petrochemicals; engineering projects and related services. Based in Rome, the Group operates in 70 countries with more than 70,000 employees.

Sustainability at Eni means a constant commitment to the efficient management of a large, complex, integrated energy company. The Group’s path to sustainability stems from an awareness that the best way to create value for all the company’s stakeholders is to meet their expectations and respect their interests.

Eni has adopted a conceptual sustainability model focused on the enhancement and engagement of its people and care for their safety and health. Within this framework, health promotion is a primary commitment for Eni.

The complexity and variety of situations in which the company operates makes it necessary to define and apply policies and procedures in order to consolidate and improve performances in the healthcare and prevention sectors. This includes adherence to international principles and agreements, management systems and internal auditing systems, company regulations and tools for the sharing of knowledge.

The healthcare management system, which conforms to international OHSAS regulation 18001, is operational in all countries in which Eni operates. Health Risk Assessments (HRA) are regularly carried out - Saudi Arabia, Congo, Libya and Mali were completed in 2008 - and particular attention is paid to employees travelling abroad and working in extreme conditions (heat, cold, humidity) or in highly stressful situations (emergencies).

The Group’s Health Promotion Programme, which has been in operation since 1986, updated in 2002, is mainly focused on the concept of prevention. Health promotion does not only mean the diagnosis and cure of illnesses, but deals with a range of chronic pathologies (cardiovascular, metabolic and cancerous illnesses) that are found throughout the population as a consequence of inappropriate behaviours and the continuous stress of everyday life.

Through the Health Promotion Programme, Eni tackles the primary and secondary prevention of these pathologies.

Primary prevention involves the elimination of risk factors by promoting, through training and information campaigns (often using the company’s intranet site), more appropriate lifestyles - physical activity, healthy diet, moderate consumption of alcohol and not smoking.

Secondary prevention means the implementation of projects aimed at early diagnosis of diseases. In recent years a number of targeted projects have involved numerous employees. Among the most important was the Early Diagnosis Programme, conceived to discover cancers at the initial stage through mass screening. Screenings are carried out free of charge and through preferential channels. (Employees can use a dedicated telephone number to reserve an appointment and the screenings are carried out at times reserved only for them.) Involvement in the programme is voluntary and regular internal campaigns promote and encourage participation.

Eni's commitment to promoting health throughout its worldwide operations has been reinforced with the publication of a number of company policies, including Eni's HIV policy.


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