E.ON Ruhrgas

Focus on People

In view of the changing competition situation on the national and European markets E.ON Ruhrgas AG is backing a staff-oriented corporate culture.

This requires not so much written corporate values as the implementation of a way of dealing with each other (social manners & behaviour) in everyday work life based on the principles of partnership. The company is in a phase of realignment on the market. As a result of this economically necessary change the gas company is concentrating on creating a high level of material and social security for the employees in a spirit of partnership.

According to the motto "Focus on people" the personnel department of E.ON Ruhrgas AG has pooled various measures to bring about a continuous and sustainable improvement in the corporate culture based in partnership. The project activities offered support the personal health of the employees and promote staff-oriented management and communication behaviour. Health management is part of the human resources programme of E.ON Ruhrgas AG.

"Focus on People" is based on the idea that every employee bears responsibility for the company. Focus on people is the implementation of the Ruhrgas philosophy and is based on fields of action in which staff development defines their tasks and objectives. These include staff commitment and health, work and family, qualifications and personal development, ideas management, modern pay systems and working time models as well as the social and cultural commitment of the company and that of its workforce.

"The family is a pivot of our society and an important focus of each individual's life. Nowadays, young people in particular do not want to be forced to decide between either a career or a family. Through its long-running, expanding and successful 'Work and Family' initiative, E.ON Ruhrgas offers employees support and the right conditions to enable them to have children and a career. We do not regard work-life balance as a luxury but as an absolute necessity, especially if we want to recruit the most talented people and further raise our employees' motivation in times of global competition."

Christoph Dänzer-Vanotti, Member of the Board of Management, E.ON Ruhrgas AG

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