Diversity as a Strength 

"Diversity is one of the strengths of our company at which employees from 57 countries work together." Diversity has therefore been one of the cornerstones of Ford's global corporate culture for many years.

In addition to other elements, the main focus is on the respect of every member of staff, regardless of which nationality, religion, sexual identity or social group he or she belongs to.

The diversity culture is an expression of Ford's conviction that the assumption of social responsibility begins in the company. For the values experienced in the company, such as tolerance, respect and mutual esteem, are introduced into society by the employees.

Diversity not only has an effect in the company, it also radiates to the outside world. Major companies like Ford are called upon to help shape society. There is no doubt that this is only possible with the support of the employees. Therefore, the individual social commitment at Ford is of great importance.

A visible expression of this relates to the many activities within the company in which many employees actively participate and constantly develop new ideas which will create a change in culture in the spirit of diversity in the long term.

The numerous initiatives of the company are also proof of a diversity culture experienced by the individual, whether they be the integration of the severely handicapped, the works agreement on behaviour at the workplace based on partnership, the promotion of the reconcilability of family and job obligations (work-life balance) by means of part-time and/or tele-workplaces or a special family holiday.

As a result, Ford is becoming for its employees and potential applicants an "employer of choice" for whom people like to work or would like to work in the future.

"Diversity represents one of the strengths of our company and Diversity Management has been a cornerstone of Ford’s worldwide corporate culture for years. It involves respect and appreciation for every employee, regardless of nationality, religious affiliation, sexual identity or social group. One of the most important manifestations of this approach is the company's 'Dignity at Work' policy, which concentrates on fostering business conduct in a spirit of partnership. By encouraging and supporting employees to always act in a fair and considerate manner, the company also benefits. As a result of approaches like this, Ford is building a reputation as an 'Employer of Choice' for both staff and potential recruits."

Rainer Ludwig, Director HR, Ford of Germany

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