Comprehensive Promotion of Safety and Health

The health and safety of the employees are the basis of all global activities of MTU Aero Engines. Promoting them is part of the corporate culture at Germany's leading manufacturer of engine modules and components as well as complete aero engines and is the expression of its responsibility towards people and the company. The company with a long-standing tradition pursues a comprehensive approach.

The world of work is undergoing far-reaching changes. As a result, the demands placed on employees and companies are also changing; trust, communication, respect, staff satisfaction and information are important elements of a future-oriented HR management system and they are also incorporated into the MTU vision and philosophy. This traditional company has recognised that health management makes an important contribution towards implementing these guiding principles. Occupational health protection and health promotion are key building blocks for motivating the employees, inspiring them to be not only efficient but also willing to perform.

The interaction of body, spirit and soul is the centre of focus at MTU. Know-how is pooled from different fields such as occupational safety and health and environmental protection as well as social consultancy to benefit the employees at their workplaces in a comprehensive manner. As part of the company’s health promotion campaign, health management offers programs such as manager checkups, smoking-cessation seminars, thyroid, glaucoma and colon cancer screenings as well as annual flu shots.

The "MSN Health Seminar" plays a central role, since it follows the principle "To be healthy is a gift – to stay healthy takes some effort." All employees have the opportunity to approach the health subject from a practical angle. Without spending too much time, managers and employees will learn to treat their health sensibly and competently, with the concept of the health seminar leaning on the three MSN pillars.

M – Movement
Theory and practice involving jogging, walking and ergometer training

S – Stress Management
Relaxation exercises and relaxation techniques

N – Nutrition
Tips and information on balanced and tasty nutrition

Based on scientific findings and under the watchful eye of the company physicians, the participants will learn how to bring out the strengths each one of us has in easy ways. To prepare for the seminar, we are offering a physical by a company physician, which – together with a questionnaire – will form the basis for an individual interview during which each participant will receive suggestions and recommendations tailored to his physical condition and the results of his physical for his personal road to wellbeing and efficiency in the performance of his everyday duties.

"The health and safety of everybody is a basic principle for all our activities worldwide. Promoting health and safety is the aim of our company culture and reflects our sense of responsibility for the people and the business. Pooling the know-how from the areas of health, occupational and environmental safety as well as social services consultations, we are able to view the person in the workplace in a holistic manner, that focuses not only on single, isolated facts, but takes into consideration the needs of body, mind and soul. Using a continuing learning and improvement process based on benchmarks and exchange of experiences, we strive to achieve and maintain a leading position in this area."

Reiner Winkler, Executive Vice President responsible for Finance/Human Resources/Information Technology, MTU Aero Engines GmbH

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